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Familjen is the name used for the solo electronic music projects of Johan T Karlsson. Hailing from Hässleholm, now living in Stockholm, Sweden, Johan writes all the music and lyrics, with some few exceptions. He plays all instruments and sings and produces it himself. Live he is joined by fellow electronic artist Andreas Tilliander, playing machines and drinking beer. Latest addition on the live stage is Per Normark on drums.

Johan started of hanging out in local studio Señorita in Hässleholm which more and more became his own. He became something of a house producer, recording all sorts of music just because he could. Sounds have always been easy for him, caressing sweet hertz, disbanding the nasty.

He never really thought that he could release something of his own. He started making small instrumental pieces just because he liked the sound of it, playing small naive melodies just to have something to listen to. Just fingered on the instruments and listening to his analogue delay, tweaking on his little black boxes, dancing in the studio with his friends and bottles.

The story about Familjen started in 2006 when the “Familjen EP” was released. But it all accelerated in the beginning of the summer of 2007. That’s when the debut album “Det snurrar i min skalle” was released in Sweden by Adrian Recordings and Hybris. The summer was filled with festivals and club gigs. The autumn started out with a huge interest from Norway, Denmark and Finland. And it never stopped. In 2008 Familjen opened up for one of Scandinavias biggest bands Kent on their Scandinavian tour and received a Swedish Grammy award for best music video ”Det snurrar i min skalle”. In 2010 Familjen’s second album ”Mänskligheten” was released. The long longed for third album ”Allt på rött” will be released on September 12, 2012.

To fully experience Familjen you got to lose yourself in the crowd on a small club, with Johan dancing on the floor in front of you. With the microphone-cable twisted around his neck and the nasty electronics bouncing in your ears. It’s a physical experience both for your body and mind, and as extra bonus, if you understand Swedish, you will hear the direct and love full short text messages hit your frontal lobe and make you linger in the air. The music takes you back to the Haçienda days and the epic Detroit moments, but is also full of euphoria and pop power, with melodies that will make you scream unconsciously. All together creating something so unique, that we guarantee that you have not heard this before.

Press inquiries: Sandra Nordin
Other inquiries: Dita Kleman

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